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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register?

If you have a Waikato University user name and password, you can already start using RideLink.

Do I have to be a student or staff member of Waikato University to use RideLink?

At this stage, yes. This is to protect everyone's privacy while using RideLink.

How do I get in contact with someone about a ride?

To protect your privacy, we have a simple three-way messaging system to confirm if you want to talk to someone. This is outlined in the diagram below.

If you are interested in someone's ride or request, simply click on the "Contact Driver about Ride" link ("Contact requestor to offer ride" for wanted ads) and write a small message. The ads poster will then review your request and can accept it for further communication.

The message diagram. You contact the driver, then the driver either ignores or accepts your request. Your contact details are then shared if accepted.

Why can't I edit details of my ride/request?

When someone has registered interest in your ride, you are no longer able to edit the details. Before anyone does contact you regarding the ride you can edit the details as much as you like. You can still cancel a ride or mark it as full.

Do I have to provide a date for my ride?

Yes as it is used to expire rides. You can only provide a ride up until the end of the current calendar year. If you do not provide a date for a commute, it will expire at the end of the year automatically.

Where do messages get sent to?

All communications through RideLink are made to your Waikato University email address.

What is a ride watch?

A ride watch allows you to pre-define a journey you would be interested in e.g. University to Dinsdale. If the same, or a similar journey is added to RideLink after your watch is setup you will be notified by email about each new ride. This allows you to stay up-to-date with relevant rides as they are entered into RideLink.

Each ride watch you setup is private and can not be seen by anyone other than yourself. All emails are sent to your email address

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